Puppy Essentials and Socialisation Course -
June Weds Evenings

A 6 week course getting you started with your puppy, through in-person classes, online videos and virtual support.

Course Summary

This 6 week Puppy Course for puppies aged 12-20 weeks at the start of the course, focuses on combining the training of essential life skills with effective, carefully supervised socialisation. It allows both you and your furry companion to learn a variety of useful and essential behaviours in a fun and relaxed environment.

It's delivered through 6 x 60 mins in-person classes, and these are supported with access to recap videos and other useful resources to maximise the success of training at home in between sessions. You are never alone in your training as there is an abundance of useful resources and advice at your finger tips as you soon as you choose Kirk's Canine Academy to begin your puppy training journey!

If you have any questions about anything at all, don't hesitate to get in touch!


Weds Evenings at
18.30 - 19.30

Course Dates? 

June 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 
July 5th & 12th.

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What People Think...


6 month old Sausage Dog

I have never been to any sort of puppy/ dog training classes before and was quite nervous at the thought but Alistair’s classes have been fab! My 6 month old sausage dog Wilson has come out of his nervous shell and has been doing so well each week with puppy socialisation. He has surprised me with how much he has learnt over the 6 week course and it fills me with confidence that I can take on the practices and techniques I have learnt to continue teaching Wilson now that the course has ended. Alistair is friendly, helpful and energetic and is always ready to answer any questions with his knowledge base. Thank you.


New Dog!

Fantastic beginner course! Lots of useful tools and tips. Kona our 5 month old GSD is doing very well with loose leash walking now. Great start for recall training and feel confident we can progress and improve going forward. Alistair has been very helpful and welcoming with all aspects. With our high energy breed I have no doubt we will need future guidance and we will be going straight to Alistair Kirk's Canine Academy! A*****


Great Puppy Essentials Course

A great learning curve for not only Dexter (11mth Sproker), but also for myself. The class size was great with clear and concise instructions from Alistair not only during the classes but also via the online recordings which we could watch to remind ourselves of what to do. The training is all about positive reinforcement, ensuring that you have a great bond with your dog and that he/she is happy.

Alistair Kirk

Alistair has been a professional Dog Trainer and Behaviour Practitioner since 2018, and has been training and working with dogs since 2009. He is passionate about promoting the use of non-forceful training methods and the benefits - and effective results - that they offer.

He is: 

    He is also a member of the Pet Professional Guild British Isles (PPGBI), the International Companion Animal Network (ICAN), and the Dog Welfare Alliance.  

    He has studied extensively with a variety of canine training providers including the IMDTDog Training College, the UKCSD, the WSDAthe School of Canine Science, Gemma Hodson (Dynamic Dog) and Veterinary Behaviourist Dr Amber Batson, attending a wide range of workshops, seminars, webinars and courses, all as part of a rigorous programme of continuing professional development that ensures he stays up to date with the latest research and how we can best apply that research to training techniques.

      He also holds certificates in Canine First Aid and Advanced (Human) First Aid, and has Public Liability Insurance.

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